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April 18, 2010

165.) Diary of a Lost Girl
166.) 17 Again
167.) Ideal Husband
168.) Heathers
169.) Indiscreet
170.) Collateral
171.) Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call, New Orleans
172.) Jurassic Park 3
173.) Ninja Turtles 2: Return of the Ooze
174.) Love Me Tonight
175.) All in a Night’s Work
176.) I’m Not Scared
177.) Oxford Blues
178.) Valley Girls
179.) The Omen (2008)
180.) Prom Night (2009)
181.) Youngblood
182.) April Fool’s Day (2009)
183.) LOL
184.) Registered Sex Offender
185.) Yellow Submarine
186.) Clash: Westway to the World
187.) Baghead
188.) Presumed Innocent
189.) Poison Ivy
190.) Wild at Heart
191.) Night of 1000 Cats
192.) Lovely Bones
193.) The Tiger Next Door
194.) Young Victoria
195.) The Family That Eats Soil
196.) Date Night

I guess that’s a lot of movies to watch in ten days.


One of those days

April 18, 2010

Today was one of those days where I missed all of the monotonously boring parts of being in a relationship. I thought about it and realized I have dated no one in eight months, and maybe that’s why I’m missing all the boring parts.

If watching movies counts as productivity, I have been incredibly productive in the last week. Or, I suppose, if each drink counts as a unit of productivity, I have been even more productive. I need to find something or someone to make some sort of commitment to. Something to either get me to drink less, or get me to drink with consistency. I’m afraid things might start to get messy.

There are few feelings as freeing as riding home from the bar, alone, in the dark, on a cool night. A little drunk. A little breeze. No hands. At least if I die, I’ll die happy.

I suppose it’s been a good day.

Velvet Rut

April 8, 2010

I’m lost in the listlessness of an open schedule.

139.) Shepherd of the Hills
140.) Repo Men
141.) Hell High
142.) The Hidden
143.) Mother
144.) Greenberg
145.) A Philadelphia Story
146.) The Wraith
147.) Troll 2
148.) I Love You, Man
149.) Brass Eye
150.) The Yes Men Fix the World
151.) Last of the Mohicans
152.) Bandits
153.) Taxidermia
154-156.) TV Carnage
157.) Point Break
158.) Pandora’s Box
159.) Splash
160.) Rookie of the Year
161.) Blow Up
162.) How to Train Your Dragon (in 3-D!)
163.) Kung Fu Panda
164.) Visioneers

Ignoring each other in public

March 28, 2010

So this is ADULTHOOD.

I’m underwhelmed.

I’m excited

March 25, 2010

About so many things right now, for absolutely no reason. I love not knowing what will happen.

Soon the storyboarding begins.

It’s been busy

March 23, 2010

It’s been ridiculous since my last update, mostly the result of the chaotic absurdity of SXSW. Me and Fidel are working on some new projects, meeting to talk about them tomorrow, and I’m enjoying the empitness of my state of near unemployment to piece my life and my house back together after the last ten days or insanity. I fear I’ve probably fallen behind in my two-a-day movie average, but this update will include (at least most) of the movies I’ve seen in the last two weeks. Hopefully once I get my house decent once again, I’ll have a chance to actually sit down and spend a little bit of time writing. Or job searching. Or whatever.

119.) Capitalism: A Love Story (2009)

120.) Possession (Bad 2009 one with Sarah Michelle Gellar)

121.) Precious (2009)

122.) Larceny, Inc (1942)

123.) Kitten With a Whip (1964, Great title, not so great movie)

124.) Bear Nation (SXSW)

125.) Marwencol (SXSW)

126. ) Skeletons

127.)  I’m Here (SXSW, Spike Jonze short)

128.) Successful Alcoholics (SXSW short)

129.) The Happy Poet (SXSW)

130.) The Runaways (SXSW)

131.) Four Lions (SXSW)

132.) Trash Humpers (SXSW)

133.) Dogtooth (SXSW ****EXCELLENT****)

134.) My Fair Lady (1964)

135.) Seven Sinners (1940)

136.) Applause (1929)

137.) Ridicule (1996… a rare 90’s movie for me)

138.) My Kid Could Paint That (2007)


March 5, 2010

i love this echo of silence amid all the noise

it’s this that counts